Land Freight

Land freight refers to the transportation of goods by land, using vehicles such as trucks, trains or any other means of land transportation.

What is “Land Freight” in Logistics?

Refers to the cost associated with transporting goods by land means, such as trucks or trains. This term encompasses the price paid for the freight transportation service from a point of origin to a specific destination through roads or railways.


There are several types of land freight in logistics, and the choice of freight type depends on various factors, such as the nature of the cargo, distance, urgency and efficiency. Some of the most common types include:

  1. By Full Load (FTL): In this type of freight, all the cargo space of a vehicle is reserved for a single load or for a single customer. It is efficient for large volumes of cargo or when cargo security and integrity are a priority.

  2. By partial load (LTL): It is used when the cargo does not occupy all the space of a vehicle. Multiple customers share the same truck, reducing costs for each customer. It is ideal for smaller loads and when urgency is not critical.

  3. Consolidated: Similar to LTL, but with even greater consolidation of loads from multiple customers to optimize transportation efficiency and reduce costs.


Functions are vital in the supply chain, and ground control uses them strategically to optimize efficiency and reduce costs. Some of the key features and how they are used to their advantage in ground control include:

  1. Movement of Goods: They allow the transportation of goods from points of origin to final destinations, effectively connecting different locations.

  2. Logistics Efficiency: By coordinating routes, schedules and modes of transportation, ground control maximizes the efficiency of ground freight to minimize transit times and optimize resource utilization.

  3. Flexibility: They offer flexibility to adapt to different types of cargo and specific customer requirements, allowing adjustments according to market demands.

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