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Specialized cargo is a term often heard in the world of logistics and transportation. But what exactly does it mean and why is it so important? In this article, we invite you to immerse yourself in the fascinating world of specialized cargo and discover how it plays a crucial role in the supply chain.

What is Specialized Cargo?
Specialized cargo refers to the transportation of goods that require particular handling due to their unique characteristics. These characteristics may include, among other things, oversized dimensions, extraordinary weight, or the delicate nature of the cargo. Simply put, specialized cargo does not conform to conventional transportation standards, making it a separate category in the world of logistics.

Our Range of Specialized Cargo Services Includes:

HAZMAT: The transportation of hazardous materials is a challenge that requires experience and commitment. At Ground Control, we are fully prepared to ensure that each Haz Mat shipment is made safely and complies with applicable regulations and standards.

OVERSIZED (LOWBOY): Handling loads that exceed standard dimensions is a task we tackle with the right experience and equipment. Our fleet of specialized vehicles is perfect for transporting heavy machinery and other large equipment.

MODULAR: Modular equipment is a versatile solution for large and heavy loads. At Ground Control, we guarantee the stability and safety of your oversized loads.

PLATFORMS: We offer transportation solutions on platforms that adapt to your specific logistics needs. Our diversified fleet allows us to meet a wide range of cargo requirements.

Tanker trucks: Bulk liquid transportation is one of our specialties. Our specialized vehicles for transporting pipes guarantee that your liquid cargo reaches its destination safely.

HOPPERS AND MORE: Our fleet includes a variety of specialized equipment to fit the unique needs of your cargo. No matter how challenging your shipment is; we have the right solution.


Comercial Partners: At Control Terrestre, we understand the importance of working with reliable business partners and having a highly trained team. Our network of collaborators and expert personnel guarantees that your cargo is in good hands.

Certified Transportation Lines: We work in collaboration with certified transport lines that comply with the most rigorous regulations and safety standards, such as registered suppliers. CANACAR. This ensures that your cargo is in full compliance with applicable regulations.

Specialized Units: Our fleet of specialized units adapts perfectly to the unique characteristics of your cargo. Each vehicle is carefully selected to ensure the safety and integrity of your shipments.

24 Hour Monitoring: We maintain constant monitoring 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This means you will always know the location and status of your cargo, providing peace of mind and security at all times.

Optimal Deliveries and Punctuality: Our priority is to ensure efficient and on-time deliveries for even the most challenging cargoes. Your merchandise will arrive at its destination at the right time.

Security and Trust: Security and trust are our fundamental pillars. At Control Terrestre, we are proud to be your trusted partner for specialized cargo. Our commitment to safety and quality sets us apart.

Ground Control and Specialized Cargo

At Ground Control, we stand out for our ability to manage specialized cargo safely and efficiently. Our extensive experience, collaboration with certified suppliers (such as suppliers registered in CANACAR) and highly specialized personnel combine to offer you a cargo transportation service that meets the highest standards of safety and reliability.

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