According to the RAE: Official rate determining the fees that must be paid in various services, such as legal costs, customs, etc., or established to remunerate certain professionals.

What is “Tariff” in Logistics?

In logistics, the term “tariff” refers to taxes or fees that are applied to goods or merchandise that are imported or exported between different countries. They are taxes established by governments to regulate international trade and generate income for the country.


There are several types, and their classification is based on various criteria. Here are some of the most common types:

  1. Ad Valorem:

    • This rate is calculated as a percentage of the value of the merchandise. For example, if the ad valorem tariff is 10% and the value of the merchandise is $1000, the tariff would be $100.
  2. Specific:

    • It is stated as a fixed quantity per unit of measurement, such as weight, volume, or quantity. For example, a specific $5 per kilogram would imply that, regardless of the value of the merchandise, a $5 will be applied for each imported kilogram.
  3. Mixed (or Composite):

    • Combines ad valorem and specific elements. There may be a flat fee along with a percentage of the value of the merchandise.

As for how Ground Control could use the tariffs to its advantage, that would depend on its position in the supply chain and its strategic approach. Here are some possible ways you could take advantage of them:

  1. Route Optimization:

    • Ground Control could evaluate those in force in different regions and countries to plan routes that minimize the costs associated with import or export taxes.
  2. Supplier Diversification:

    • With a deep knowledge of them, Control Terrestre could diversify its suppliers, choosing those located in regions with more favorable tariffs.
  3. Client Advice:

    • Terrestrial Control could provide advice to its clients on logistics strategies that minimize the costs associated with them, such as the use of free trade zones or the optimization of customs documentation.

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