Logistics Analysis on Thanksgiving and Outlook for Black Friday: Efficiency and Surprises in the Holiday Season


Thanksgiving Day in Mexico: More than a tradition, a logistical challenge

As we approach Thanksgiving Day, a celebration that transcends borders and merges cultures, we want to share with you a more detailed analysis of the crucial role that logistics plays in this holiday, as well as projections for the upcoming shopping season, especially emphasis on Black Friday and Christmas.

Although Thanksgiving Day has its roots in the United States, its influence in Mexico has been consolidated as an opportunity to strengthen business cohesion and express gratitude towards clients and collaborators. Mexican logistics companies, such as those that are part of Control Terrestre, play an essential role in the planning and execution of corporate events associated with Thanksgiving Day, ensuring that everything from traditional ingredients to gifts arrive at their destination on time and in perfect condition.

Projected Growth in Logistics: Black Friday and Christmas as High Points

Expectations for the shopping season are promising for the logistics sector; it is estimated that logistics and transportation companies will manage nearly 108 million shipments, marking an increase of 6.8% compared to the previous year. During the most intense moments of the season, a daily handling of 3.7 million shipments is expected, reaching peaks of up to 4.6 million after Black Friday, the week following Cyber Monday and the week before Christmas.

This growth, although moderate, represents a return to economic momentum after the decline recorded in 2022. Logistics companies are preparing to meet growing demand and contribute to economic dynamism in a context of more moderate growth expectations.

The projected increase in logistics activity also translates into job opportunities. It is expected that during this season, the number of Social Security affiliates in the sector will reach 1,070,000 workers, representing an increase of 4.6% compared to the previous year and 2.4% more than the annual average. This growth in hiring reflects the logistics sector's commitment to responding to growing demand and contributing to employment at a crucial time.

Regarding consumer trends, it is anticipated that consumers will look for significant discounts on essential products and will advance their Christmas shopping. The current context of uncertainty could influence a more premeditated and less impulsive approach, with special attention to savings and flexible financing options offered by e-commerce and establishments.

In this context, we want to highlight the presence of Control Terrestre, a leading company in logistics solutions with presence throughout America. We are proud to inform you that our operations are designed to efficiently handle the increased demand associated with Thanksgiving Day, Black Friday and the holiday season.

With a solid and efficient logistics network, we offer comprehensive services ranging from supply chain management to distribution and timely delivery. Our commitment to logistics excellence has positioned us as reliable partners for companies seeking tailored and efficient solutions for their needs.

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