As home to one of the largest interstate highway systems in the US, it should come as no surprise that the Chicago metropolitan area is one of the largest transit hubs for goods in the nation. More than 50% of the population of the US is within a day or two’s truck drive from Chicago, making it a pivotal logistics hub for shipping. Unfortunately, that also means that finding help in this area can quickly become overwhelming.

Tracking down a company that meets your requirements and expectations for cargo transport can be challenging. That’s where Control Terrestre can be of assistance! With our top-of-the-line equipment, certifications, and extraordinary customer service, our shipping services are here to help your business reach new heights.

Control Terrestre Services That Are Ideal for Chicago Businesses

Although Control Terrestre originated in Mexico, we provide a multitude of high-quality over-the-road shipping services in the US, Canada, and Central America, such as import and export freight transportation. No matter where you live, reliable and secure cargo transport is vital for businesses looking to establish solid international relationships. With certifications like CTPAT, FAST, OEA, BASC, and Canadian transport lines, Control Terrestre is ready to help your business expand its shipping radius. We also primarily ship Full Truck Loads across international borders with exceptional cross-dock services that can save you money and time and practice environmentally friendly freight transportation. 

Sometimes, goods need to be shipped using expedited freight to ensure all products are completed and enjoyed in a timely manner. Prompt-yet-safe cargo transport is one of our specialties here at Control Terrestre. With our vast range of route availability and transport units for all kinds of cargo, Control Terreste is fully equipped to quickly and reliably move your goods as quickly as possible. We understand that effective communication is one of the most crucial parts of cargo transport, so we offer customer and trailer monitoring services 24/7/365 to streamline the process. 

As the largest logistics hub near the majority of the population of the US and close to Canada’s border, Chicago ships and receives a massive array of cargo types. We’re very familiar with the area. Our massive array of transport units includes specialized cargo services using hopper trucks, modular platforms, tanker trucks, lowboys, etc., to transport oversized equipment or hazardous materials. At Control Terrestre, we have personnel who are specifically trained to handle this specialized freight transportation through certified transport lines. You can rest easy knowing your goods and materials are in safe hands no matter where they go.

Why Control Terrestre is the Right Choice for Your Chicago Shipping Needs

Customized cargo transport services are our bread and butter here at Control Terrestre. With the latest GPS technology and impeccable customer service and communication, we will ensure that we follow through with every requirement for our clients’ shipping needs and go above and beyond for reliable and trustworthy freight transportation services.

Communication, efficiency, safety, and reliability are what have helped us expand across North and Central America, and that isn’t going to change any time soon. Contact us today or visit our website to get your free quote today and learn how Control Terrestre can make your Chicago shipping dream come true. 

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