Los Angeles

Whether you work with a large, established corporation or a smaller, family-owned business, getting your products out to consumers is a vital part to keeping your business alive. 

Control Terrestre wants to help you get your cargo where it needs to go. Our fast, efficient service is guaranteed! We devote special attention to you and your business needs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year because when your products need to be moved, you need a company who’s available to move them. We respect our clients’ deadlines and always have people on staff who can help you out. Plus, with specialized services like expedited freight and specialized cargo, you can guarantee that your cargo will get where it needs to go in the safest hands possible.

Why Los Angeles?

Our office in Los Angeles is a hub for imports and exports from all around North America, centered in one of the worldwide hubs for trade. In fact, Los Angeles was the number one importer out of the 393 importers in the United States, according to the OEC. We’ve loved working here because our California lifestyle gives us the opportunity to meet thousands of fantastic customers. Having an office here in Los Angeles means that those of us here at Control Terrestre can be right in the middle of the action, helping you with cargo transport efficiently and on time. 

Our Strengths

Our fleet of cargo containers and vehicles gives you the flexibility to ship whatever you need from us. We understand the importance of food safety and the preservation of goods from place to place, so our cargo trucks were acquired with this in mind. 

Los Angeles’s top exports include produce like avocados and meat and cattle products. We know that some of North America’s most prolific farmers live in California and around the Los Angeles area. No need to worry: our cargo transport services can ensure that, should you choose to work with us, your cargo gets where it needs to go without sacrificing the quality that your brand is so well-known for. When customers are happy with you, we’re happy too.

Plus, with the varied cargo transport services we offer, you’ll be able to use our company for all your shipping needs. If you need to ship out grain or feed along with your typical meat shipment, then those of us here at Control Terrestre can handle all aspects of the shipment. We don’t make things complicated by sending you to different companies. Why choose two separate companies when you can get the highest quality service possible just by working with us?

We’ve spent years perfecting our customer communication, which is what makes our freight transportation services so far ahead of the rest. Control Terrestre works with the best of the best to guarantee that all of our equipment, technology, and other aspects of our company stay in top-of-the-line condition.

With locations across the United States, Canada, Mexico, and Central America, we know how to get your products where they need to go. You can trust us to not only be your go-to company for cargo transport, but also your go-to company for great customer service. 

If you’re in the Los Angeles area and are on the hunt for a new cargo transport company, then Control Terrestre may just be exactly what you need.

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