Laredo, Texas is one of the prime cities for cargo transport in the United States. Since it sits at a pivotal location on the bank of the Rio Grande river, this city is one of the key borders between the United States and Mexico. As a leading service provider for freight transportation across Canada, Mexico, and the United States, Control Terrestre is here to move your goods.

Our Work

Control Terrestre is headquartered in Mexico City with locations in a variety of vital locations across North and Central America including Houston, Monterrey, and San Diego. We are located at some of the most important shipping ports and hubs in the world, allowing us to serve your needs quickly and efficiently.

The Trucks We Use

As an on-the-road shipping company, we only use trucks and don’t employ other modes of transportation. However, this doesn’t mean we feel limited in our options for cargo transport. We use a great variety of trucks to serve your needs. Our fleet, which is monitored around the clock, can tackle an assortment of options

We use:

  • Conestoga trailers, which are known for their curtainside retractable tarping systems which allow for side and top loading as well as security to mask the cargo
  • Dry van trailers of up to 53”
  • Hopper trailers, designed for bulk commodities with grain the predominant one transported, have a tarp at the top for bulk loading and unloading
  • Lowboy trailers are designed for use with such equipment as bulldozers
  • Refrigerated trailers—perfect for hauling food goods—which come in sizes including 48”, 53” or full 
  • Platform trailers, which can handle large scale equipment
  • Tanker trucks, used for hauling liquids or gas

Whatever it is you need to transport, we have an option for it. 

Our Shipping Options

The options we have for shipping are as diverse as our trucks. We offer traditional domestic freight within the United States. In conjunction with our partners, we use a number of different certifications to enable smooth import and export services. Control Terrestre offers expedited freight for when the cargo needs to be there as soon as possible. We even offer specialized services like transport of hazardous materials; we don’t expect you to transfer those dangerous materials, and our team is fully prepared to dispose of those things for you.

At Control Terrestre, we are proud to serve the Laredo area. With its long history as one of the central intersection points between Mexico and the United States, we strive to maintain a presence in this storied city. As a transnational company that crosses borders, we are proud to serve as a link between the many different countries that comprise Central and North America. We truly believe in the many values we uphold: commitment and loyalty to our clients, an unflinching discipline in our team, and perseverance to see our mission through no matter how big or long the job may be.

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