Cargo transportation is a must for any business. After all, if you have the goods, they have to ship. That’s where we come in. At Control Terrestre, we’re here to deliver the cargo transport solutions for your needs. From expedited freight to a myriad number of freight transportation options, we’re here to serve the Houston area, one of the top shipping regions in the nation. 

What We Offer

Control Terrestre services the United States, Canada, Central America, and Mexico—where we are headquartered—with offices across the region. With a sizable fleet of trucks that we monitor 24/7, we aim to offer every possible solution for your shipping needs. There are two key areas in which we offer solutions: methods of freight and the trucks we use.

Our freight methods are wide-ranging. Domestic freight is a popular, simple option for freight transport with national coverage and pricing to compete with any carrier. We also offer import and export freight and work with a number of partner companies to handle crossings. If time is of the essence, we offer expedited freight to get your goods where you need them as soon as possible. Our team is qualified to handle and transport hazardous materials as well. We will also work with you for an individual program, be it fixed or a special transport unit.

Our fleet of trucks allow us to cover this range. We offer a broad spectrum of trucking options. For small options, we have 3.5 trucks. With larger loads, Control Terrestre offers 53”  and full dry van trailers. We also offer refrigerated trucks for perishable goods in a range of sizes. 

We also offer specialized trailers. Among them are our conestoga trailers, which have retractable tarps on the side for side loading as well as protection of the security of the cargo. For liquid and gas cargo transport, Control Terrestre offers tanker trailers. If it’s construction equipment you need moved, platform trailers are the perfect option. We also have a number of hopper trailers that are used to move goods such as grain and are preferred for their top-loading use in agriculture.

Other Services

We don’t just stop at transport. We also assist in border crossings with a number of certifications to get your goods transported across the continent. We do have some intermodal transport options in the United States and Mexico. Finally, we offer warehousing options.

At Control Terrestre, we take cargo transport seriously. We also take service seriously. Our service team is ready to assist every day and every moment of the day. We have a service ticket system that allows us to meet all of your needs promptly. We are here to serve your needs. Reach out to us today!

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