As a growing business, you’re probably well aware that having affordable cargo transport to ship your products or receive supplies is essential for your continued success. You could always invest in building your own shipping department, but that takes a long time and lots of capital investment–and you risk losing more money than you save in the long run. As we’re one of the most significant metropolitan areas close to the border of the US and Mexico, we feel confident in saying that any businesses located in Dallas will benefit greatly from the services we at Control Terrestre can provide. Here’s why! 

Control Terrestre Services That Are Great for Businesses in Dallas

Control Terrestre initially began in Mexico but has grown to specialize in all kinds of over-the-road shipping in the US, Central America, and Canada, including import and export freight transportation. Our strategic partners hold many certifications, such as FAST, OEA, CTPAT, and BASC, and ensure shipping with the utmost security and highest quality service. Additionally, we specialize in freighting Full Truck Loads across borders with top-notch cross-dock services to save you time and money in your deliveries. When you choose Control Terrestre for cargo transport, you’ll always receive 24-hour monitoring of your trailers, with customer service available 24/7/365 for maximum security. You can thank our certified international logistics partners for that.

At Control Terrestre, we recognize that urgency and trustworthiness are essential for businesses who need expedited freight for their goods. That’s why we have a vast selection of transport units and route availability to ensure your delivery arrives safely and promptly. From our refrigerated trailers to 3.5 trucks and everything in between, Control Terrestre is ready to provide you with reliable and speedy transportation for your goods to ship from or arrive in Dallas securely.

Dallas is one of the most significant manufacturing and logistics areas in the nation. Because of this, there is an assortment of cargo types that need to be transported to and from the area. This is when our specialized cargo transport services at Control Terrestre come in handy! Some of these specialized transport services include but are not limited to: tanker trucks, modular platforms, hopper trucks, lowboys, and even hazardous materials. With Control Terrestre, you can rest assured that your cargo will be handled by specially-trained personnel through certified transport lines in a safe and timely manner domestically and internationally.

Why Choose Control Terrestre for Your Dallas Shipping Needs

Clients who partner with Control Terrestre can trust that we are committed to providing excellent freight transportation services customized to your specific needs. We understand that effective communication and accessibility are vital for smooth operations at every level of shipping. That’s why we offer constant monitoring of the weather and the most updated GPS technology along with 24/7 customer service connections should any questions or concerns arise. At Control Terrestre, we also pride ourselves on our goal to be one of the best environmentally-friendly cargo transport companies in North and Central America. Contact us today or visit our website to get your free quote today!

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